Management & Customer Engagement Tools

Our back-office provides all the tools you require to operate your restaurant. You can view it on any device, including your phone, by using our mobile Incharge app.

The Dashboard

You have full control and flexibility with your dashboard and the data displayed at your fingertips. Such examples include:

  • Sales reports
  • Clocked-in employees
  • Ticket turnaround times
  • Voids
  • Daily top-selling items
  • Open tickets
  • Labor statistics
POS analytics & reporting
Online back office laptop

Analytics & Reporting

  • Sales Reports

    Sales reports provide actionable foresight into your restaurant’s revenue, how much you are selling, and by which staff.

  • Menu and Product Mix Reports

    Understand what you’re selling exactly, when, and by how much. This fantastic knowledge will advise you on areas that need refinement so you can produce more sales.

  • Labor Reports

    Payroll is a major cost for every business, including all restaurant concepts. We offer the necessary reports that allow you to manage it.

  • Loads of Reports

    We furnish you with tons of reports so you can examine every part of your business.

POS Management & Operations

Business owners or managers can take care of all of the important tasks, at the restaurant or on the go.

  • Employee Management

    From developing worker schedules to handling job-based permissions, you can assign duties with full business oversight.

  • Menu Management

    Since the POS is cloud-based, this allows you to make any and all changes from the POS and online.

  • Customer Engagement Tools

    How you engage with your customers will majorly impact how many repeat customers you will have. Our POS can produce personalized marketing materials, such as email campaigns.

Lighthouse business management

Supercharge Your POS

Our marketplace has many integrated apps that streamline operations, save time, lower costs and earn you more money.

  • Heighten your POS capabilities with third-party apps.

  • Apps available from labor management to online ordering.

  • Now is the time to start adding apps so your business can reach it’s full potential.

All-in-One POS Platform for One Price

We are shaking things up with our industry-first software-as-a-service POS pricing model. We give you everything you need to start today for one low price. From hardware to software, it’s all-inclusive. You pay nothing upfront and only a small monthly fee each month.

complete pos system with backdrop