Our POS Features Everything You Need

Get all the features your business needs and the ones you wish you had.

Robust Restaurant POS Management

  • Inventory Management

    Our software takes care of everything from liquor inventory to handling ingredients. It’s super easy, and, better yet, it’s in real-time.

  • Employee Management

    When it comes to monitoring your employees, there is a lot of work to be done. Our software makes it more manageable by providing the details you need, such as sales performance, hours worked, overtime, and more.

  • Menu Management

    You have unlimited flexibility with your menu. You can create specials, make menu changes, and assign dynamic pricing or discounts like a happy hour margarita. You can manage everything in real time from your computer or our in-charge mobile app.

Contactless Payments QR Code Table

Contactless Payment Solutions

  • QR Code Ordering

    Are your servers ever crazy busy? You can help them become superheroes by allowing your guests to order directly online. It will reduce their workload and allow them to serve more customers.

  • QR Code Payments

    When the fun is over, it’s over. Now it’s time to cough up the dough. You can have them pay quickly using their smartphone, which reduces your staff workload.

  • More Table Turns

    Are you looking for a way to increase your revenue and profits? One easy way to do it is by having more table turns in your restaurant. You can do that with our mobile payment product.

Online Ordering

  • Commission Free

    It’s time to allow your customers to order online directly from your establishment. There are no charges for the service; it’s convenient for the consumer and adds more money to your pocketbook. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  • Custom Pricing

    You have complete flexibility with your online menu. You can select which menu items show up online vs. at the restaurant. You can also increase the price for online orders.

  • Simple and Professional

    The configuration process is painless, and the website will be professionally branded with your business name. This customization makes your patron experience seamless from your site to ours.

Online Ordering Mobile Phone
Pay at the table demo

Mobile Pay-At-The-Table Solution

  • Increased Table Turns

    Our pay-at-the-table product will increase your table turns, enrich the patron’s dining experience and create more loyal customers.

  • Bigger Tips, Happier Employees

    Patrons will have a more pleasing experience resulting in bigger tips and happier workers.

  • Real-time Measurements

    With the integrated customer review feature, you can quickly learn if a client is not happy with their meal before they leave your place of business.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Sales Reports

    Sales reports provide actionable foresight into your restaurant’s revenue, how much you are selling, and by which staff.

  • Menu and Product Mix Reports

    Understand what you’re selling exactly, when, and by how much. This fantastic knowledge will advise you on areas that need refinement so you can produce more sales.

  • Labor Reports

    Payroll is a major cost for every business, including all restaurant concepts. We offer the necessary reports that allow you to manage it.

  • Loads of Reports

    We furnish you with tons of reports so you can examine every part of your business.

Analytics & reporting snapshot
Online back office screenshot

Online Back Office

  • POS Management

    Since the POS is cloud-based, this allows you to make any and all changes from the POS and online.

  • Employee Management

    From developing worker schedules to handling job-based permissions, you can assign duties with full business oversight.

  • Customer Engagement Tools

    How you engage with your customers will majorly impact how many repeat customers you will have. Our POS can produce personalized marketing materials, such as email campaigns.

Installation, Training, & Support

  • Certified Installers

    Onsite installation is included with every POS system order. It’s performed by a technician who has undergone our rigorous training program. This ensures you receive the best experience possible. You are in great hands when picking Shift4.

  • Comprehensive Training

    We deliver extensive remote training for as long as you need it. We want you to succeed, and that requires you to take full advantage of our POS.

  • Unparalleled Support

    If your system goes down, you need it up ASAP. That’s why we have in-house tech support and customer service reps available 24/7/365 to take care of you.

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All-in-One POS Platform for One Price

We are shaking things up with our industry-first software-as-a-service POS pricing model. We give you everything you need to start today for one low price. From hardware to software, it’s all-inclusive. You pay nothing upfront and only a small monthly fee each month.