SkyTab Glass Tableside Ordering is the New Era

Our tableside device gives your employees the ability to ditch the old guest check, enter orders into a tablet and have the order immediately go to the kitchen.

SkyTab Glass contains an app that replicates the interface of the POS Software. It’s completely integrated with the POS station in real-time. It’s like carrying around a station with you. The orders go straight to the kitchen. As you can imagine, this helps your servers become very efficient, allowing them to serve more guests.

  • More rapid table turns to let you seat more people

  • Substantial improvements to the ordering process by removing staff errors from handwriting guest checks.

  • Boost server speed which creates more pleased patrons
  • You will see fewer amounts of food waste by removing errors from the server/kitchen communication process

  • A memorable dining experience that will certainly impress your clients

SkyTab Glass Tableside Ordering Server
complete pos system with backdrop

All-in-One POS Platform for One Price

We are shaking things up with our industry-first software-as-a-service POS pricing model. We give you everything you need to start today for one low price. From hardware to software, it’s all-inclusive. You pay nothing upfront and only a small monthly fee each month.